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This one's a little different, all cassette tapes! But not just new-school or old-school noise tapes, also some of whatever I have in my shoeboxes of old tapes. Little bit of 90's alterna-rock, metal, soundtracks, some rare/unique stuff, and even a bit of my own high school noise band. Much more self-indulgent than usual, sorry, but still lots of fun I think.


Aaron Dilloway, Gang Wizard, Devo, White Vulture, Burning Star Core, Sightings, Double Dungeon, Organ Donors playing the Misfits, NAUSIA 88, Jason Zeh, God Willing, Boss Hog, Newton & Neon Hunk, Do It Big, Napalm Death, Placebo Ra, Head Molt, Dirt Electrica 147, Tropical Attitude, plus surprises!

P.S. Not sure why it sounds like my nose is plugged throughout this podcast...
P.P.S. See details in the last podcast for info on a record sale, going on now!

PODCAST 6 and still just about weekly!

Noizes and rocks this time from:

Nautical Almanac, Amps For Christ, Danse Asshole, Viki, Triangle and Rhino, Child Abuse, Silver Daggers, Masonna, Communal Deathduck, Get Hustle, Meerk Puffy, Bermuda Triangles, Big Digits, Afrirampo, Captain Beefheart, the Oals, Dead/Bird (Honed Bastion), Trumans Water, Tickley Feather, Cock E.S.P., and Don Rickles!


BLAMMO! No-core podcast numero 5-oh. Maybe a little more ROCK this time? great stuff from:

Animental, Metalux, Do it Big, Mossmaster, U.S.Maple, Telepathik Friend, Pterodactyl, Sightings w/ Tom Smith, Sonic Youth, The Planet The, Six Finger Satellite, Mindflayer, Google Earth, Unicorn Hard-On, Quintron, Lucky Dragons, AIDS Wolf vs. Athletic Automaton, Naked City.


Musicks and noizes from:

Ettrick, Organ Donors, Bastard Noise, Neptune, Contortions, Parts and Labor, Hair Police, Hanatarash, Blues Control, Couch, New Flesh, Fat Day, Gerty Farish, Pengo and the Laundryroom Squelchers, X27, Melt-Banana, Holy Molar, Calabi-Yau, Y Pants!!! ... !!!!


Music and noise from:

Merzbow, Andrew W.K., Vooredoms, UFO or Die, AIDS Wolf, Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, White Mice, So So Many White White Tigers, Duotron, Xerobot, Katzenmallets, Vegan Brand, Mouthus, The Mae Shi, Finkbeiner, Crystal Castles, Thrones, Total Shutdown, White Tiger Prepade, The Pterodactyls!, PLUS SOME SURPRISES!



NOCORe installment 2.

Killer sounds from:

Mincemeat or Tenspeed, Neon Hunk, (((((((microwaves)), Monotract, Aa, To Live and Shave in LA, Lightning Bolt, Insect Deli, Tan as Fuck, This is My Condition, James Twig Harper, Unicorn Hard-On, Holy Smokes, The Faux , Sightings, Narwhalz, Femme Covert


This podcast included music by:

Black Pus, Drums Like Machine Guns, Dead/Bird, Scissor Girls, DNA, Devo, Wolf Eyes, Mugu Guymen, The Burzee, The Flying Luttenbachers, Calabi Yau, Cousins of Reggae, Pre, Harry Pussy, Made in Mexico, Brainiac, Wake Up Snake.

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